Fog over Windermere

DATE : 3rd February 2006

Looking over the rooftops of Windermere to the thick fog covering the Lake

On Orrest Head with the Lakeland Fells in the distance

To the north is Red Screes & Threshthwaite Mouth

View south over the layer of fog

Looking across Lake Windermere to the Coniston Fells to the right

To the opposite side of the Lake is Claife Heights

The north of the Lake with the placefinder plinth in view

Close up of the Langdale Pikes

At Gummer's How now where there's plenty of fog to the south of the Lake over Newby Bridge

Newby Bridge again from Gummer's How

Western view to the Coniston Fells

The northern section of Lake Windermere

Red Screes & Threshthwaite Mouth again

Fog south of the Lake

The sun emerges to signal the end of the low cloud

Close up of Fairfield & Red Screes

Another close up , this time of the Coniston Range

Summer House Knott

The cloud starts to break up

Not long after the whole lake comes into view

Looking to Newby Bridge

Gummer's How