Skiddaw Inversion

DATE : 4th February 2006

Someone isn't too excited about the dramatic conditions in the background

There's an excellent view from the seat on Latrigg

The sun rises behind the Dodds

Looking towards Derwentwater

The Newland Fells

Close up of Borrowdale

Cloud laps around the foot of Skiddaw

The North Western Fells

High Seat

Cloud rises up the slopes of Catbells

View east to Blencathra

The cloud makes a dash for the tourist path to Skiddaw summit

It doesn't quite have the legs though

The Hawell Monument at the tourist path

Cloud moves over Hobcarton End

There's also plenty of cloud pouring over Latrigg from the tourist path

View south from Skiddaw

Looking towards the Helvellyn range

Lonscale Fell & Blencathra

Cloud starts to lower & thin out

The North Western Fells from Jenkin Hill

Close up of Catbells with Swinside now in view

Close of Jenkin Hill with High Rigg & Helvellyn in the background

Panning out

Skiddaw from Little Man

Cloud clearing Derwentwater

Ullock Pike

Walkers emerge from the cloud

Further cloud moves in to smother Great Calva

Nothern view from Skiddaw

Cloud pushes in over Bassenthwaite Lake

Heading across to Lonscale Fell

The cloud over Great Calva is getting heavier

The Dodds & Helvellyn

Skiddaw from Lonscale Fell

Descending Lonscale Fell