Nethermost Pike Wildcamp

DATE : 28th July 2007

Grisedale from the path up to the Hole in the Wall

St Sunday Crag leading up to Fairfield behind

At the Hole in the wall these pair came grazing right by me , even taking a quick chew at my rucksack

Catstye Cam , we're going to follow the path up to Swirral Edge

Looking up to the summit of Helvellyn

Red Tarn with Striding Edge behind

On Helvellyn now with Catstye Cam below

Striding Edge

Red Tarn with Birkhouse Moor and Ullswater in the background

Lad Crag & Nethermost Pike

View down to Grisedale

Dollywagon Pike from Nethermost Pike

St Sunday Crag

The sun comes out on Fairfield

Partial sunshine over Grisedale

Lots of cloud over at the Scafells

My pitch tonight on Nethermost Pike

Close up of Fairfield

Bright sunshine on Nethermost Pike

Colourful skies over Helvellyn

The sun sets to the north west

Orange skies over the central fells

View to Dollywagon Pike in the morning after the early low cloud had disperssed

The Grisedale Valley

Nethermost Pike from Dollywagon Pike

The Coniston & Langdale Fells

Close up of the higher Scafells

Grisedale from Dollywagon Pike

Fairfield from the descent down to Grisedale Tarn

Grisedale Tarn & Seat Sandal

The route back to Patterdale with St Sunday Crag to the right

Looking over Grisedale Tarn towards Seat Sandal

Heading down to Grisedale Forest

High above are Tarn Crag (left) & Falcon Crag (right)

The climbing hut of Ruthwaite Lodge with Nethermost Pike high above

Looking back towards the head of Grisedale

Eagle Crag that leads up to Nethermost Pike

Grisedale from near Thornhow with Nethermost Pike & Dollywagon Pike visible in the distance