High Street Inversion

DATE : 28th - 29th April 2007

Mardale Head from the Old Corpse Road between Mardale & Swindale

Fine conditions in Swindale from Selside Pike

Selside Pike from the Cairn on Artle Crag , Branstree

View towards Longsleddale

Haweswater from Harter Fell

Small Water with High Street behind

Small Water again with Haweswater from the Nan Bield Pass

On Thornthwaite Crag with the view north towards Gray Crag

The large cairn on Thornthwaite Crag summit

Southern view towards Troutbeck Park & Windermere

Froswick & Ill Bell

The sun sets behind Helvellyn

Cloud hangs around the fells east of Haweswater

Sun rises at 5:40 am the following morning

A thin layer of cloud hangs above Haweswater

View towards Branstree

Early morning light on the Fairfield - Helvellyn Fells

Tent pitch using the summit wall as a windbreak

The cloud moves in from the east

Blea Water is still in view

Cloud builds up over Mardale Ill Bell

Mardale becomes engulfed

View over Riggindale

Blea Water dissappears from view

It's not going to be the only thing to dissappear from view judging by the rapid cloud build up

View from the top of Long Stile at the head of Rough Crag

Cloud heads towards the Straits of Riggindale , the low point of the ridge

Over the ridge

And takes seconds to fall 1000ft down to Hayeswater

Another view of the overflowing cloud from near Thornthwaite Crag

More overflowing cloud pours into the Kentmere Valley

Froswick & Ill Bell again with Kentmere Reservoir below

Closer view of the overflowing cloud

Later the cloud dissperses and Blea Tarn once again becomes visible

Beautiful conditions towards Fairfield & Helvellyn with Great Gable & High Stile in the background

Blea Water with Mardale Ill Bell above

The continuation of the ridge to Rough Crag

Somebody's about to get disturbed !

Descending by Small Water Beck with Harter Fell towering above

Back by the banks of Haweswater