Carrock Fell Circuit

DATE : 6th March 2005

The rocky eastern face of Carrock Fell from the Apronfull of Stones

Well on the ascent now with Stone Ends farm below

Near Carrock Fell summit with plenty of snow about

On Carrock Fell summit looking towards Knott & the next fells of the walk currently lost in the cloud

Close up of a white coated Skiddaw with Great Calva in front

View across the Caldew valley towards Bowscale Fell

Skiddaw & the Knott , highest of the Back 'o' Skiddaw fells which we'll be visiting later

The path leads up towards High Pike to the right

At the head of Drygill Beck with Carrock Fell at the back

Iron Crag , Great Scafell & the Knott from High Pike

Roughton Gill from Iron Crag

The upper course of Roughton Gill with the Knott to the left

High Pike , Great Lingy Hill & Carrock Fell from the Knott

View south to Great Calva

Drygill Head from the descent at Coombe Height with Grainsgill Beck below

Great Lingey Hill towering above

Bowscale Fell

Carrock Fell & the northern slopes of the Caldew valley

The magnificent Caldew valley from lower down Coombe Heights

The river Caldew skirts around the foot of Bowscale Fell

Close up of the Caldew valley floor

The junction of the river Caldew and Grainsgill Beck is a popular spot on a Sunday afternoon

At the junction looking up along Grainsgill Beck

View back on Coombe Heights at the head of the Caldew valley

Bowscale Fell towers above on the southern side of the Caldew valley

Close up of Coombe Height