Birker Moor Fells

DATE : 8th July 2004

Green Crag with Harter Fell behind from Great Worm Crag

Further to the west lies Devoke Water

The next fell on the route , White How

Dunnerdale & the Dunnerdale Fells

Whitfell & Black Coombe from White How

Close up of the Scafell range

The view east to the Coniston Fells

Harter Fell

The river Esk with Esk Pike & Bowfell above

Some low cloud moves in to cover the higher fells

Burnmoor Tarn with the Wasdale Fells in the background

Close up of Seat How & Devoke Water

Low Birker Tarn , below in Eskdale is Boot

Kepple Crag

On Kepple Crag now looking across Eskdale

Close up of Hard Knott & the Hard Knott Pass

View across to Seascale

Great Crag & Green Crag from the route back