White & Black Coombe

DATE : 1st March 2004

White Hall Knott looms large from Beckside

Black Coombe from White Hall Knotts

White Coombe Screes from White Coombe

On Stoupdale Head looking towards the Buckbarrow Fells & Whitfell

View towards the higher Lakeland Fells

Stoupdale from Stoupdale Head

Looking along Whitecoombe Screes to Whitecoombe Head

Again from Whitecoombe Screes looking down Whitecoombe valley

The rocky Blackcoombe Screes

View down the steep Blackcoombe Screes

Blackcoombe Beck with Whitecoombe & White Hall knott

There's still some remnants of snow on the unexposed areas

Frozen Tarn on Black Coombe with the southern summit Cairn visible

View south to Millom

The sun highlights the ruggedness of the Blackcoombe Screes from Eller Peatpot

White Hall Knott from Sty Knotts

Whichcoombe Beck heading to Whicham Valley

The steep sided Whitecoombe Valley