Bampton Fell

DATE : 5th March 2005

Haweswater from near the start at Burn Banks

Looking down on the dam wall with Wallow Crag towering above

Birkhouse Hill , Four Stones Hill & Bampton Fell

The wide expanse of Haweswater Reservoir

Close up of the dam

Haweswaters easten section from Four Stones Hill

The distant Pennine Fells catch some sun

Mardale Head comes into view also from Four Stones Hill

Four Stones Hill from the ascent of Bampton Fell

Four Stones Hill & Haweswater

Branstree & Harter Fell provide a dramatic backdrop to Mardale Head

Fordingale Bottom

Measand Beck heading down towards the reservoir

View across to Kit Crag & Naddle Forest on the eastern bank of Haweswater

Returning on the western shore looking towards Mardale Head

Back at the dam

View along the top of the dam wall

The massive front wall of Haweswater dam